Getting Started with the T25 Diet

What Can you Expect When You Begin The T25 Diet Plan

The 4 Step Calorie Quiz

The first thing you will need to complete when starting Focus T25 diet program is the 4 step calorie quiz. The quiz will help you calculate the right amount out calories your body needs during the program.

Caloric needs will differ from person to person based on their gender, age, weight, and how active you are in your every day life.

Here is a sneak peek of the quiz

t25 diet



The Focus T25 Nutrition Guide  give you suggested foods based on the amount of calories per meal. A typical day might look like this:


1200 Calorie Meal Day

Breakfast- 300 Calories

Snack 1- 150 Calories

Lunch- 300 Calories

Snack 2- 150 Calories

Dinner- 300 Calories


1600 Calorie Meal Day

Breakfast- 400 Calories

Snack 1- 150 Calories

Lunch- 450 Calories

Snack 2- 150

Dinner- 450 Calories

Try not to become to obsessed counting calories. It is more important to just eat the right foods and cut out all the junk.

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