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5 Meals a Day, 5 Ingredients, 5 Minutes to Prep

t25 nutrition guide


The T 25 diet is very similar to other diets that beach body has used for many of their other weight loss products.  It involves eating 5 small meals a day that are under under a certain amount of calories.  Most trainers would not actually call this diet because you really do eat a lot of food on it. You will need a lot more nutrients then your used to because this will be one of the most intense workout routines you could possibly go though.


Eating 5 small meals a day, rather then 3 large ones speeds up your metabolism. This helps your body burn fat throughout the day and lose weight. Many people have had lots of success on the beachbody.com  diet.

Focus T25 Nutrition Plan Goals

The whole idea is to keep it simple, eating smaller portion meals throughout the day. We want to emphasize the eat part. You cannot starve yourself when you are using this program. In fact, the meal plan is more important then the actual workouts.  You body will be needing nutrition like it has never needed it before. The workouts are extremely intense which makes proper nutrition even more important.

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